Basement Remodeling Experts in Lexington, KY

Elite Remodeling in Lexington, KY, has been serving the Central Kentucky area for decades as an experienced remodeling contractor. Delivering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service are our No. 1 priorities. We accomplish these goals by using the newest techniques and technologies and by paying attention to every detail on your list. 

The work of a remodeling contractor in Lexington, KY

Comprehensive Remodeling Contractor

When you choose Elite Remodeling for a basement remodeling job, we’ll handle every single portion of the job. There’s no need to worry about an army of subcontractors who are quick to let you know that a particular portion of the project is not their job. In us, you have someone who handles everything from connecting you to the right designer to re-routing amenities and providing the installations. We’ll even take care of demolition and trash removal.

Basement Remodeling Process

To make sure you understand the basement remodeling process, we’ve created a bit of a step-by-step list. This roughly explains our process and reading it ahead of time can help you prepare your own ideas and ensures our team will have all we need to get started and power through the project.

1. You will work with one of our multiple designers and suppliers to create a dream basement remodeling project plan that fits in your budget.
2. All demolition, trash removal, and debris removal will be taken care of.
3. We will begin with the necessary drywall repairs and installation.
4. Any changes to the floor plan or additional doors needed will be planned out.
5. We’ll start on the plumbing and electrical work.
6. Flooring installation will begin.
7. The painting process begins.
8. We will replace all the fixtures down to the smallest detail.
9. We go into your unique specifications and continue until your absolute satisfaction has been achieved. 

Call for more information

Elite Remodeling looks forward to serving as your preferred remodeling contractor in Lexington. If you’re ready to let us begin your basement remodeling project, please give us a call now for more information about our remodeling services and a free estimate.